Nintendo is currently holding its 75th Annual Shareholders Meeting, so top company executives like CEO Satoru Iwata and General Manager Shigeru Miyamoto are meeting with investors to talk about the future of the company and answer questions. Nintendo and gaming are seen by many as synonymous, but Iwata has spoken a lot recently about Nintendo’s identity as an entertainment company. There has been talk of Nintendo expanding more into the realm of films, and according to a report from the meeting, Nintendo is planning films to increase awareness for Nintendo IP.

A full, official translation for Nintendo’s 75th Annual Shareholders meeting is not yet available, but reliable translator Cheesemeister3K is tweeting translated quotes directly from the event. During Iwata’s presentation to investors, he stated that Nintendo is ”
continuing with film adaptions and character merchandising to increase mind-share of IP.”

There have been lots of rumors and reports about film adaptions of Nintendo games recently, but Nintendo has either denied or refused to comment on most of them. With Iwata specifically mentioning films to investors, that could be changing soon! What Nintendo games (if any) would you like to see as movies?

Source: Cheesemeister3k

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