Devil’s Third from Valhalla Game Studios is set to launch next month in Japan, Europe, and Australia, but Nintendo has been very quiet about a North American release. In fact, they even removed it from the eShop’s list of upcoming games. According to the reliable team at Unseen64, Nintendo of America employees have revealed that Nintendo has dropped all plans to publish the game in North America.

According to Unseen64’s sources, this is another “Disaster” situation, which is a reference to
Disaster: Day of Crisis, a game that never saw release in North America because Nintendo of America executives like Reggie Fils-Aime thought it wasn’t up to snuff. This is reportedly the case with Devil’s Third as well, and European sources told Unseen64 that the game has major frame rate problems on top of already unimpressive graphics. Others criticized the gameplay, stating that it’s simply not fun.

At this time, this is an unconfirmed report. However, the latter part will be confirmed or debunked soon, as the embargo for European previews on the game will be lifted on July 15th. If this report is true, that doesn’t necessarily mean that
Devil’s Third will never see release in North America, but Valhalla Game Studios will have to find someone else to publish it.

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