Nintendo gave us our first look at Nintendo Switch last week, and just as reports and leaks suggested, it’s a hybrid device that functions as both a home console and a handheld. Nintendo executives have previously indicated that Switch (only known as NX at the time) could take on the form of a “family of devices,” and that has some fans wondering if the handheld unit will be available as a cheaper, standalone option.

According to a new report, that won’t be the case at launch. Laura Dale of Let’s Play Video Games reports that Nintendo wants to launch the Switch with a clear focus on the hybrid nature of the device to avoid customer confusion. This doesn’t rule out the possibility of a standalone handheld unit in the future, and Nintendo apparently discussed that idea internally, but it won’t be happening at launch.

Dale’s source for this report is a Nintendo employee who previously tipped her off to when the Switch reveal would take place and the content of the reveal ahead of time. Nintendo has not officially commented on the story at this time.

Source: Let’s Play Video Games

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