Man, May—or “wild rumor month”—certainly is kicking off with a bang this year. With rumors circulating the web earlier in the year regarding a new Nintendo console featuring a unified portable and stand-alone unit, tentatively titled “Fusion,” recent reports across the gaming world suggest these claims may have a little more weight to them after all. It appears Nintendo’s may be set to unveil new hardware in some capacity at this year’s E3, but what exactly does that mean for the greater Nintendo community?

According to IGN’s own co-founder Peer Schneider, “[Nintendo’s] absolutely going to show new hardware this year. No doubt in my mind.” He claims that multiple sources, including a former employee at Nintendo, have all but confirmed the video gaming giant is set to formally unveil their new console at the year’s biggest gaming expo, and all signs point to this console being the notorious Nintendo Fusion detailed earlier in the year.

For those who may have missed it, the Nintendo Fusion was documented as a unified home console with an interconnected, yet separate, portable controller—much like a Wii U GamePad—that would serve as a handheld when removed from the console’s proximity. Boasting impressive technical specifications, this new console would thrust Nintendo in direct competition with the high-end specs of its competitors, even surpassing the offerings from Microsoft and Sony in certain areas. With the 3DS flourishing and the ailing Wii U less than two years old, it seems baffling to be discussing a new console so soon, but these claims aren’t without merit.

In 2013, Nintendo merged its home console and handheld divisions into one concise unit, stating that, in the future, the company would develop both parts of their business side-by-side, creating a unified approach that would synchronize the portable and home console strategy. Adding fuel to the fire, in their most recent investors’ meeting Nintendo announced that they were set to launch a third pillar to their business model, something they call, “Quality of Life.” It stands to reason that this newly announced pillar hasn’t been integrated into its current hardware, and this could be a key reason Nintendo’s moving forward with new hardware so soon—though it should be noted that there is no indication that this hardware will release any time in the near future.

As of now, this is all merely part of the wild rumor mill that begins the month before E3, but with some of the biggest news outlets in the gaming industry reporting on the matter, it appears there’s more fact than fiction in this particular claim. What’s our community think on the subject? Is it too soon to be talking about new hardware? Or is it time to move on from Nintendo’s struggling home console? Express yourselves in the comment section below.

Source: Game Revolution, Neogaf

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