Nintendo Switch got off to an incredible start when it launched in March of last year, outpacing some of the most successful consoles of all time through its first year. Those numbers have dropped off a bit in 2018 (though they may pick up soon with Nintendo’s incredible holiday lineup), and that has Nintendo thinking about the console’s long-term viability.

One way to boost sales and brand recognition is to refresh the generation with improved hardware. Whether it’s a slimmer, more efficient model (like the Nintendo DS lite) or a more powerful iteration (like the PlayStation 4 Pro), new hardware can be a huge momentum booster. According to the latest report from The Wall Street Journal, Nintendo is aiming for exactly that next year.

Exact details are not yet known, but according to “suppliers and others with direct knowledge of the plan,” Nintendo is in the process of designing a new Switch model for release in 2019. Nintendo is apparently still weighing their options, but one possibility is that they’ll upgrade the screen to make it brighter, thinner, and more energy-efficient. Nintendo is reportedly planning to launch it sometime between next Summer and the end of 2019.

This report remains unconfirmed by Nintendo at this time, but it seems extremely plausible. A hardware refresh two years in makes perfect sense for the portable console, especially with new hardware from Sony and Microsoft looming on the horizon.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

Ben Lamoreux


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