We’re just days away from the big return to Raccoon City, and the hype is strong! Capcom’s Resident Evil 2 remake is pulling in stellar reviews from just about everyone, and the recently released 1-shot demo has been downloaded over 3 million times in less than two weeks. If that’s not enough to get you excited, today Capcom also revealed that free DLC is on the way to the game after it launches.

During a special livestream event for the game, Capcom revealed a new mode called “Ghost Survivors” is coming to all
Resident Evil 2 remake players at no extra charge. Details are still relatively scarce, but this mode apparently allows you to explore Racoon City as a variety of players, racking up points and spending them at an in-game store. There is some degree of randomization to the content, but it’s not clear exactly how it all works.

Ghost Survivors mode will add content to the game over time with three installments. Robert Kendo, a USS Member, and Katherine (the mayor’s daughter) will all be playable characters in the first volume, and there are more characters to be announced. The first volume will also feature a new enemy that’s never been in
Resident Evil 2 before. Ghost Survivors is intended to have high replay value.

On top of Ghost Survivors, Capcom also announced new costume DLC. Leon and Claire are getting new skins designed to look closer to their original models. These were announced as part of a promotion for Japanese players, so it’s unclear if they will be free or paid DLC outside of Japan.

Source: Capcom (via Resetera, Shack News)

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