Over 20 years after Resident Evil 2 debuted on PlayStation, Capcom took us back to Raccoon City for a horrifying stroll down memory lane. The new version of Resident Evil 2 has been remade from the ground up with HD graphics, a new camera scheme, new controls, new areas to explore, and more. It launched to stellar reviews just a few days ago, and Capcom just announced that it has already hit a major milestone.

According to Capcom’s latest press release, the
Resident Evil 2 remake has shipped over 3 million copies in its first week. Considering the game launched on January 25th, this is only its fifth day on the market. The original game sold 4.96 million total units, but Capcom expects the remake to achieve similar sales to Resident Evil VII, which passed 6 million. The two had similar launches, with Capcom reporting 2.5 million sales for Resident Evil VII on its fourth day on the market.

Source: Capcom

Ben Lamoreux


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