Capcom’s beloved Resident Evil franchise is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, and Capcom is marking the occasion with a series of developer interview videos. In the first video, Capcom producer Hiroyuki Kobayashi discussed topics like balancing horror and entertainment, emulating horror movies, and the way Resident Evil 4 changed everything. In the second, Resident Evil Zero director Koji Oda reflected on the characters and development of the prequel game, and the changes that went into its recent HD remaster.

Capcom released a third entry in the video interview series today, this time starring Masachika Kawata. Kawata has worked on each main series entry in the franchise since
Resident Evil 4, and he also contributed to the Revelations series and Umbrella Chronicles. In his video, he tackles topics like capturing the essence of Resident Evil in each title, meeting the expectations of longtime fans while also attracting newcomers, evolving the series, and more, ending with a special message to fans. You can check it out by clicking above!

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