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live-action Resident Evil movie hits theaters in just a few weeks, but it’s not the only Resident Evil film on the way. Capcom has teamed up with Marza Animation Planet for another CG take on the series. The latest animated entry into the series is said to be a reboot that draws inspiration from the first game, and its first trailer largely seemed to fit that bill. However, a more recent trailer has me scratching my head and asking just what this movie is trying to do.

While the first trailer was largely set in dark, enclosed areas in a mansion, the latest ad shows the story playing out on a much bigger scale. A new villain named Glenn Arias aims to release a virus on the unsuspecting citizens of New York, and his strain apparently creates B.O.W.s with enough intelligence to distinguish friend from foe. Exploding skyscrapers, motorcycle chases, and a hulking monster all give this latest trailer an action-packed feel, eschewing the tense atmosphere of the first trailer.

Even more confusing is the plot. Capcom has previously billed this as a reboot for the series, but our new villain is said to have taken over over TRICELL and Neo Umbrella’s operations—two companies that played major roles in Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil 6, respectively. Is the movie not a reboot after all, or is it just a reboot that keeps certain key story elements from the established canon intact? You can watch and form your own opinions by clicking above.

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