Another major third-party title has just been announced for Nintendo Switch, but with a big catch. Capcom has just revealed that Resident Evil VII is officially coming to Nintendo Switch in Japan, but it will require a constant internet connection. This is because Capcom’s bringing a cloud-based version of the game to Switch rather than attempting to port the game in a way that will allow the Switch hardware to run it alone.

Resident Evil VII Cloud Version will be available in just a few days on May 24th. Japanese players will be able to try out the first 15 minutes for free. After that, players will need to purchase a ticket to continue making use of the cloud. Tickets cost ¥2,000 (about $18) and give players access to the cloud for 180 days. So far there’s no word on a release for the West.

Early in Nintendo Switch’s development Capcom actually reached out to Nintendo and asked for some changes to allow the hardware to run the RE Engine, and Nintendo complied. The Switch is capable of handling the engine itself on its own, but it looks like running the game in its entirety was too tough of a task, so Capcom turned to the cloud.

Source: Nintendo Everything

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