Retro Studios rose to fame with their fantastic work on the
Metroid Prime series, bringing the classic 2D Nintendo franchise into 3D with critically-acclaimed results. After Prime 3, they switched their focus to another classic Nintendo franchise, reviving Donkey Kong Country with similarly stellar results. It’s been over four years since Tropical Freeze made its debut, and Retro has been quiet ever since, but we may finally have a clue as to what they’ve got cooking.

As spotted on
Resetera, a LinkedIn profile for one of Retro’s writers was recently updated with some juicy new tidbits. If the listing is any indication, it sounds like Retro’s next project will be something more story-driven than Donkey Kong. Here’s a blurb describing Retro’s plans for conveying a “compelling story in a meaningful world.”

“Working with a highly skilled team to bridge the gaps between game design needs and telling a compelling story in a meaningful world. Finding the best ways to construct the narrative we want the player to experience with the tools and restrictions available through text, dialogue, and non-traditional storytelling.

* Key team member for collaborative worldbuilding, story construction, and IP development.

* Point of contact for supplemental prose writing.

* Special focus on designer collaboration for player experience storytelling.”

Another blurb elaborates a little further, citing “Narrative specializations in worldbuilding, character development, design integration, non-linear storytelling, prose fiction.” Phrases like “non-linear storytelling” and “worldbuilding” could suggest that Retro’s title will be heavy on exploration, allowing players to discover the story in different orders, much like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Will this be a game world we’re familiar with already, or will Nintendo give Retro a break from reviving classic franchises and allow them to try their hand at something new? What do you hope to see next from Retro Studios? Leave your comments below!

Source: Resetera

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