So, since I
reviewed Lords of Shadow 2 and gave
it a high score, I thought I would do a quick little review of the only DLC
story add-on for the game. I really liked Lords
of Shadow 2
despite some issues with certain levels and how, in my opinion,
some characters in the overall story got the short end of the deal. This DLC
add-on is called Revelations, and it
focuses on Alucard before Dracula wakes up. Let us not waste any time and get
started with this quick little review!

Like I said above,
Alucard is the main character that you play as in this add-on. Alucard is
voiced by Richard Madden, who I have mentioned before to be the actor who
played Rob Stark from the Game of Thrones TV series. The story starts off with
Alucard taking the sword out of Dracula, who has been in a deep slumber for a
thousand years. Alucard is then greeted by Dracula’s late wife who tells him
that he needs to regain Dracula’s void sword and chaos gauntlets from the
demons and enemies that roam the castle. On top of that, he encounters Zobek’s
mysterious henchman in the final part of the story. Richard Madden once again
does a great job with Alucard, and I wouldn’t mind seeing him reprise the role
in future Castlevania titles. I do
have some issues with the story, but I will explain later on in the review what
those issues are.

Initially the
gameplay wasn’t all that different from the main game, but there are some
changes when you actually get into the core of the game. First off, there are
no stealth missions, and I am glad. You will also be traversing the castle and
not the future. Alucard only has one weapon, and that is his sword that he
wielded during the parts of the game you saw him in. He does have some of the
same moves, but he definitely has a more aggressive play style than Dracula,
and the light and chaos magic all retain to his sword. He also has a different
set of abilities. His first ability is to turn into a horde of bats to get to
certain grapple areas that are too far away for Alucard to grab. The second
ability has him turning his spiritual energy into a wolf that can get past
spikes, and jump to far-off platforms, but this ends up with Alucard’s body
standing still, and open to attacks. The final ability basically lets you turn
back time, and restore specific areas and contraptions in the castle for a
certain amount of time. Overall, this game is more action and puzzle oriented,
since there are no stealth sections. Instead of finding individual shards to
increase both your magic and health, you just find these floating contraptions
that will automatically increase both of them. The enemies are very much the
same, with one or two new variations, and are a little tougher and require
different tactics when fighting them. The overall DLC took me about two hours
to beat, and if you know what you are doing with the puzzles, you can probably
beat it more quickly.

There isn’t too
much to talk about in the graphics and presentation department. The game’s 3D graphics
are still beautiful and highly detailed. The music is once again very lovely to
hear, but the big epic scores only happen during fights, which results in the
rest of the soundtrack being atmospheric. Voicework is strong all around, and
like I said, Richard Madden does a great job as Alucard.

So, what is wrong
with this DLC add-on? Well, first off, you really can’t play this game before
playing the main game. It has some spoiler moments from the main game, and is
really meant to be an add-on you play after the main story. I also found the DLC
to be too short. Sure, the $8 price tag is better than the previous game’s $10
price tag, but since this DLC adds no new enemies or bosses, it just seems like
the overall add-on lacks content, since you are traversing around the same
areas that you traversed in the main game. I also didn’t feel like the story
added much. It just showed how Alucard got the major magical abilities that
Dracula uses in the main game. It seems like this add-on could have easily been
in the main game and not separated into the DLC. I also found some of the
puzzles to be tedious, since they require you to run from point A to point B in
a certain amount of time. I found those puzzles to be lazily designed.

Final Verdict: Overall solid experience, but it lacks new content.

In the end, Revelations has a lot of good things
about it, and a lot of bad things about it. However, the good outweighs the bad
and I did enjoy the final boss fight in the DLC. I would say either wait for
the DLC to drop in price, or get it if you are a fan of Lords of Shadow 2. Even though this might be the last time we see
the Lords of Shadow time line, we
will hopefully see more Castlevania
in the future.

Our Verdict
Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 Revelations
Solid combat, beautiful graphics, great voice work, and fantastic music
Some puzzles feel lazy and ther eisn’t enough new content within the DLC.