Many an Overwatch player has been snagged by the seemingly dimension-jumping piece of metal that is Roadhog’s hook from behind a wall or across a map, something which understandably frustrates his opponents. Blizzard has been working to rectify the hook’s mechanics in the Public Test Realm (PTR), but it’s proving more difficult than originally thought.

The original (and currently live) Roadhog hook is notorious for its large hitbox, which can catch heroes around corners and generally make life hell for any player that gets hooked. To make the hook more realistic and forgiving, Blizzard recently introduced ‘Hook 2.0,’ which has the new mechanic of detaching if Hog loses line of sight on his target during the initial throw. The practical, unintended upshot of this is that Roadhog cannot hook most players that stand near corners, since they can simply jump to one side and become detached.

Blizzard has taken note of the community reaction to this unintentional nerf, with principal designer Geoff Goodman saying that the latest update to the PTR introduces “some more line of sight checks towards the left/right of a potential hook target. This means it should be easier to hook someone who is sticking halfway out of a doorway, or behind a thin pole, etc. These checks are also used for the persistent line of sight check, so if a hook target moves behind a slim object like a stump or a light pole, they won’t be released anymore.” Hooked targets will also now lose nearly all momentum as they are caught, preventing targets from breaking LOS by jumping to one side.

What do you think of these changes? Roadhog mains, do these new changes to Hook 2.0 fix the problems you’ve been having? Let us know below!

Source: Blizzard Forums

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