Rock Band 4 was released last year, and while many were happy to start up a band with their friends again, it was much more difficult if those friends were overseas. While previous iterations of Rock Band had online multiplayer, Rock Band 4‘s release left the online aspect completely out. Earlier this week, Harmonix announced that they would be bringing back “synchronous online multiplayer” later this year. Rock Band 4‘s online multiplayer will be just like Quickplay mode, except it will be modified to provide players a smooth and streamlined experience.

For those players who own DLC, there will be updates that will address the issue of not having the same music library as your friends. While online multiplayer is a great announcement, Harmonix says that it is not the major feature that they had up their sleeves. Harmonix states that more information will be revealed about the online multiplayer and the new major feature at this year’s E3.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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