Grand Theft Auto is well-known as a satirical caricature of American culture, second only to the current election cycle. However, one has to wonder what would happen if Rockstar Games decided to lampoon a different society. That apparently almost happened a couple years back. At one point, Rockstar was highly considering the possibility of setting a Grand Theft Auto game in a city based off of Tokyo.

Back around the time of San Andreas and Vice City, Rockstar sent a number of scouts to scope out Tokyo. Apparently the idea was canned due to the city’s complicated road system. In 2003, Rockstar trademarked the title GTA: Tokyo, as well as GTA: Bogota and GTA: Sin City, so the idea was certainly floating around at the time.

Do you think Rockstar could’ve pulled off GTA: Tokyo back in the last decade? The series is so intertwined with American culture that I’m not sure it would work now. Rockstar’s a talented developer though. I wouldn’t doubt the studio’s ability to tackle a different culture in the franchise’s future.

Source: TechRadar

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