Earlier this year we reported that Nintendo had taken legal action against two ROM sites that were stocked with many Nintendo games. LoveROMs and LoveRETRO were sister sites operated by a husband and wife, Jacob and Cristian Mathias, and Nintendo was seeking millions in damages for their distribution of Nintendo IP.

Rather than fighting a long court battle, Jacob and Cristian opted to work with Nintendo on a settlement. The proposed terms would, of course, bar them from ever doing anything like this again. Jacob and Cristian Mathias will also have to hand over all ROMs and emulators in their possession to Nintendo, as well as the two websites where they were hosted.

The most shocking part of the settlement is that they’ve agreed to pay out over $12 million in damages. Because this number is so high, there’s speculation that this number is only intended to set a strong precedent in public, while Nintendo will privately demand a smaller sum. As Torrent Freak pointed out, something similar happened a few years ago when Hotfile only paid $4 million after agreeing to an $80 million settlement with the MPAA.

The settlement has not yet been signed by a judge, but this seems to be a done deal at this point. LoveROMs.com has now been reduced to a single page hosting an apology message to Nintendo.

Source: Pacer Monitor (via Torrent Freak)

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