In the past, Nintendo has added unlockable settings, levels, and characters in many of its games. Series like Super Smash Bros. and Mario Kart are practically built around unlocking additional content. In previous Super Mario games, Luigi was an unlockable playable character. In the upcoming Super Mario 3D World, the information released to date seems to hint at a new playable character in the game: Rosalina, from the Super Mario Galaxy series. Nintendo has not released any official information, but NeoGAF member Mango The Magician posted a thread putting together the clues that seem to point to Rosalina being in the game in some capacity.

The thread that Mango The Magician posted details three pieces of evidence that could suggest Rosalina’s involvement in
Super Mario 3D World. The first piece is that trailers for the game have shown green stars as collectibles and a meteor shower in the background. These two things both relate back to Super Mario Galaxy, and the author mentions that, up until now, green stars have been exclusive to the Super Mario Galaxy games. It’s speculated that collecting these stars could unlock Galaxy-like features in the game, such as levels or characters.

The second piece he presents is this bit of artwork showcasing many of the worlds and features in the new game. In the top right hand corner in the far back, you can see the Comet Observatory from
Super Mario Galaxy. The image appears a bit small here, but you can see an enlarged version in the thread. Why would the developers show this in the back of the image if it weren’t connected in some way?

The third piece of evidence showcased is the Stamp Collection in the game. Four of these stamps appear to be playable characters in their character icons. There are another four that look like they’re connected to Rosalina in some way, one of which also looks like it could be a character icon for her.

The final theory is collecting enough green stars could unlock her as a playable character. Do you think this is feasible? As
Nintendo Land has already shown, many of the games can have up to five players, but there are only four playable characters in Super Mario 3D World. Could they add a fifth character to fully take advantage of the Wii U’s multiplayer capability, and could that fifth character be Rosalina? As I mentioned in a previous article, could this be a sign that Nintendo is looking to return to the Super Mario Galaxy series? Let us know what you think in the comments!

Source: NeoGAF

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