When it’s summer, birds always tend to wake up early. Do you know why they wake up so early? Because their deep-seated anger issues give them trouble sleeping. Fortunately for them, they can finally unleash their new wave of anger this summer, since Rovio has just announced Angry Birds 2!

The original game was highly successful, with over 3 billion downloads. However, the franchise’s sales have been on the decline. There has been a great number of Angry Birds spin-offs, such as Angry Birds Rio and Angry Birds Star Wars, but a full sequel was never made. Now, six years after the original game was released, a full sequel is set to come out on July 30. Maybe this game is just what Rovio needs to boost their sales again?

Have you played any of the Angry Birds games? Are you excited for Angry Birds 2? Let us hear in the comments below!

Source: Rovio, IGN

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