Last month Microsoft had a change in the hierarchy as the company prepares for a restructure. This led to Satya Nadella becoming the company’s CEO, and along with the announcement came a flock of rumors.

Most of the rumors are based around the same issue; while Microsoft is not in a bad position, it is currently being held back by some of its products. This has led to much speculation as to what Microsoft plans to do with some of its services—most notably in question are none other than Bing, Surface, and the Xbox brand.

At the time many rumors began to circulate, indicating that Nadella has never been a fan of the Xbox brand and that he could very well sell the brand. This is backed by the fact that ValueAct Capital purchased 2 billion worth of stock just to get a seat in the board of directors. This company is known for influencing company decisions to increase the stock value, and analyst Rich Verlund speculates that ValueAct Capital more than likely thinks selling the Xbox brand would be a good idea.

Add more fire to the fuel, as industry insider Pete Dood has dropped a scoop, saying that Microsoft and Amazon are in preliminary discussions about a possible purchase of the Xbox brand. This could be quite plausible, due to the fact that for quite a while now, Amazon has shown interest in entering the video game industry.

Many rumors have circulated indicating that Amazon is in fact developing their own console. What this could mean is that they would either scrap that console and continue with the Xbox One, or perhaps they could very well develop their own console and slap the Xbox brand on it.

Of course, as of right now this is mostly speculation, and were it true, it could also take a bit of time for the process, even to the point of Amazon simply taking over in the next generation. Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg is currently denying these claims, saying:

“Ridiculous, cannot believe people would even believe something like this.” — Aaron Greenberg

That said, Microsoft’s denials must be taken with a grain of salt, as they have been known to deny things that they actually end up doing.

What do you think, would you prefer to have Amazon in control? Let us know in the comments!

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