With each passing year, the video game industry shifts more in the direction of digital content and games as a service, including PlayStation Now and Xbox Game Pass. These models have proven viable for Sony and Microsoft, and now another major player is rumored to be planning their own subscription-based game library service.

The latest company to join the trend is none other than Apple. According to five different sources (all of whom asked to remain anonymous) who spoke with financial news network Cheddar, Apple has been discussing the possibility of launching a new games service with developers for months. Apple is reportedly considering working as a publisher to bring games to the Netflix-style library, but it’s not clear what type of games they’re targeting or what the price model would look like.

This move is seen as one of the steps Apple is taking to increase revenue generated from services to offset stagnant hardware sales. These plans are still in the early stages, so it’s possible that the service will never see the light of day if discussions don’t go in a direction that Apple likes, but Apple analysts believes “It’s a big enough market to move the needle for Apple.” An Apple spokesperson declined to comment on the story when asked by Cheddar.

Source: Cheddar

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