Nintendo Switch has a strong lineup of exclusive games announced for 2019, including Yoshi’s Crafted World, Luigi’s Mansion 3, Fire Emblem: Three Houses, and Animal Crossing. Given that it’s only February, there could still be plenty more games in the pipeline that we don’t know about, and there’s good reason to believe that’s the case.

We never got the rumored Nintendo Direct in January, but there are many insiders who believe it’s still coming (albeit a bit late), even after Nintendo made several game announcements on Twitter. Meanwhile, Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa recently promised fans would be delighted by an upcoming game reveal.

The latest development comes from Emily Rogers on Resetera. Rogers has leaked several major Nintendo projects in the past, including last year when she teased details about Pok√©mon: Let’s Go ahead of its reveal. According to a post she made on gaming forum Resetera, Nintendo has quite a few unannounced exclusives in the works, and they’re expected to launch at least five of them in 2019.

Rogers claims there are eight games that she knows for sure are well in development with a 2019 target. She sees all eight of these as having around a 70% chance of launching. I reached out to her for clarification on that figure, and she confirmed that she knows the identity of these games and is reasonably certain they’re all targeting 2019. However, there’s some chance that one or more will be pushed back to 2020 as Nintendo contemplates the best time to launch and market them.

She sees five more 2019 launches as the bare minimum based on the lineup she’s seen. The total of eight in-development titles includes the following:

1. Mystery game #1
2. Mystery game #2
3. Mystery game #3
4. Mystery game #4
5. eShop game #1
6. Mystery Wii U port #1 (2013 title)
7. eShop game #2
8. New Labo Kit

Rogers also reports that a second Wii U port is in the works and may be targeting a 2019 release as well. However, she’s less certain about the release schedule for this game, giving it only around a 50% chance of launching this year. Similarly, she’s uncertain about the status of the game Retro has secretly been working on since sometime after Tropical Freeze. Rogers is unsure if the game completed development or was scrapped. Based on previous reporting, we believe this is likely the rumored Star Fox Grand Prix, but Rogers doesn’t specify that. She also mentions the rumored Metroid Prime Trilogy for Switch, but her knowledge is limited to what other sources have already said publicly.

As usual, this rumor is unconfirmed by Nintendo at this point. Rogers has accurately reported many things ahead of time in the past, but sometimes leaks turn out to be incorrect or a developer’s plans change after the fact. Even Nintendo’s official statements can be contradicted by internal shifts, as evidenced by Fils-Aime stating that Metroid Prime 4 was “well in development” with a release target in mind just two months before the game was completely rebooted. That said, if this leaked lineup represents anything close to Nintendo’s actual release schedule, 2019 certainly won’t be lacking in quantity. Hopefully, it’s equally matched in quality.

Source: Emily Rogers

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