We’re just over a week away now from Nintendo’s next Nintendo Switch presentation, and the hype continues to build. As we near the big event, rumors have started to swirl on Reddit suggesting that preorders will open for the upcoming hybrid console on January 13th, at least at GameStop. This tidbit allegedly comes from a GameStop email, but said email has since been removed from the post.

As you may remember from the Final Fantasy XV delay leak and the New Nintendo 3DS release date leak, I have contacts at GameStop who have proven to be reliable in the past, so I checked with one of them for clarification. Based on what they’ve been told, preorders will open “very soon,” but a specific date of January 13th has not been announced to their knowledge. This specifically applies to North America. If I had to wager, I’d say this seems more like someone making a “safe bet” and claiming preorders will open one day after Nintendo’s big event rather than an actual leak, but that date is very plausible.

It’s unclear when preorders will open in other territories, but it’s already happening in at least one country. GameStop Italy has already opened preorders with a price tag of € 399.98.

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