Renowned actor and consensus Nerd King Mads Mikkelsen may be joining Hideo Kojima’s latest project, or so the internet believes. Although there has been no official announcement on if Mikkelsen is working with Norman Reedus on the upcoming game Death Stranding, a theory has surfaced that one could be coming soon. Internet conspiracies are almost never to be trusted, but this one has a significant amount of evidence to support it. Not to mention that a collaboration between Kojima and Mikkelsen just makes sense.

The hubbub began when Hideo Kojima tweeted out a picture a mysterious figure wearing an orange sweatshirt. Later that same day, a fan posted a picture of himself and Mikkelsen, in which the actor appears to be wearing the same sweatshirt as the figure in Kojima’s cryptic message (you can see that image in the gallery below). What’s more, the fan added that Mikkelsen stated he was acting in a video game by a Japanese developer. Now, that’d be considered heresy in some circles; however, add to that the similarity in fashionable orange sweatshirts and the fact that Kojima
stated last year that Mikkelsen is his favorite actor, and, baby, you got a stew going.

Of course, none of this has been confirmed. This is strictly a fan theory. However, there are a few too many coincidences here to simply dismiss this as just another internet crackpot theory. Mikkelsen could very well be coming to
Death Stranding. Maybe he’ll hold a slimy lil’ fetus, too.

Source: Twitter, Instagram

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