A new rumor coming from Brad Sams of the tech website Thurrott claims that Microsoft will unveil new hardware at this year’s E3 expo. While Sams states his sources didn’t provide any concrete details on the hardware, he does note that he had also been tipped off on rumors of a new Elite console, although the source on that tip may have just been referencing the recently announced Elite bundle. Whatever this new hardware may be, fans have been quick to speculate on an Xbox equivalent of the all-but-confirmed PlayStation Neo, an upgraded version of PlayStation 4.

Meanwhile, Sams claims to have knowledge of a new standardized controller for Xbox One, which he believes may just be a recolor of the current design. He also says that Microsoft is working on new ways to differentiate Xbox One as a companion device to the PC and Windows 10. Microsoft is hoping that interactivity between the two platforms will allow Xbox One to stand out against PlayStation 4, according to Sams.

Do you believe this rumor could hold merit? If so, what do you imagine the new hardware might be? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Thurrott

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