At E3 2018, Xbox boss Phil Spencer teased that Microsoft is working on “the next Xbox consoles.” The fact that he pluralized the word has a lot of people curious about the future of Xbox, and rumors and reports have indicated that Microsoft is working on one ultra-powerful machine and another console with less power that focuses on cloud streaming. The latest update from the rumor mill claims to have the code names for both devices, as well as some hardware details.

According to sources that spoke with Windows Central, the more powerful of the two devices is being developed under the name “Anaconda.” This is seen as the successor to Xbox One X. Meanwhile the second console is seen as a successor to the less powerful Xbox One S, and it’s rumored to be called “Lockhart.” Unlike past rumors, Windows Central says nothing about the Lockhart model being focused on cloud streaming. They expect it to be around as powerful as the current Xbox One X, but with “refinements under the hood.”

One other feature Windows Central expects to see implemented in the next generation of Xbox consoles is faster load times. It’s believed that Microsoft will achieve this with solid state drives, but it’s unclear from their report whether this more expensive option will be utilized in both consoles or just Anaconda.

Source: Windows Central

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