We’re in the final 9 days before the release of the long awaited Pokémon X and Y, bringing gamers into a whole new world to explore. As the days go by, more and more rumors and leaks keep popping up around the Internet. The Pokémon X and Y Facebook page has been posting images and links to these leaks as they’ve become available. Apart from what Nintendo has officially released, we can only meet these leaks with speculation and dangerous optimism.

What’s appeared today is the image of what could be a new Mega Evolution: Mega Aerodactyl. Aerodactyl was first introduced in Pokémon Red and Blue and was first described in the Pokédex as, “A ferocious, prehistoric Pokémon that goes for the enemy’s throat with its serrated saw-like fangs.” Aerodactyl could now go after the throat of your opponent’s Pokémon in X and Y in its mega form.

Are you excited to train the Mega Evolution of Aerodactyl? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Pokémon X and Y Facebook Page

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