Rumor: Nintendo and Disney are Negotiating a Massive Partnership for Movies, Games, Toys, and More


Rumors are nothing new to the gaming industry. It seems as though new ones are appearing almost daily, and others are getting confirmed or squashed just as fast. The newest slew of rumors to surface involves Nintendo supposedly looking to create a partnership with Disney. According to Spanish website Revogamers, Nintendo and Disney are in talks to produce movies, games, toys, and a lot more together. In fact, the two companies have apparently been in negotiations for years!

The first major part of this rumor concerns the toys-to-life market. While Nintendo’s Amiibo and Disney’s Disney Infinity have often been seen as fierce competitors, these apparent negotiations suggest that the two may join forces. Disney supposedly wanted Mario to appear in Disney Infinity 3.0, but Nintendo didn’t want to lend them their main character. In fact, Amiibo haven’t appeared at all in Disney Infinity because the two companies haven’t come to an agreement yet.

Next, there’s the possibility of movies based on Nintendo characters. Disney has apparently wanted to use Mario in movies for a while, but under previous licensing rules they weren’t allowed to do so. Things have changed, however, and Disney now has more options with regards to the use of Mario in films, possibly in something similar to Wreck-It Ralph. Finally, there are talks for a crossover between Nintendo and Disney’s flagship franchises. Disney is trying to convince Nintendo to allow Mario to star in a video game with Mickey Mouse. While Nintendo is open to it, they have expressed that they want to set the pace for the game.

It’s worth mentioning again that these are rumors. Revogamers has a bit of a history with confirmed reports before, but as with any rumor, it’s best to take it with a grain of salt until otherwise proven. If these are true though, they open up a world of possibilities for media and toys of all sorts! Would you like to see Nintendo and Disney team up?

Source: Revogamers (via Nintendo Everything)

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