It’s a big day for juicy rumors from the usually-silent Retro Studios. Earlier today a story surfaced suggesting that Retro is creating a Star Fox racing game for Nintendo Switch. Various websites like Eurogamer, Kotaku, and Game Informer have since stepped forward to say that they’ve heard similar things from their sources, but it doesn’t stop there. According to these same sources, Retro has (or possibly had) another game in development, and it’s not smooth sailing.

In Game Informer’s coverage of the Star Fox rumor, they report per their sources that Retro Studios had (or has) a project that’s in trouble. The development team is reportedly struggling, causing staff at both Retro and Nintendo to grow increasingly frustrated. Game Informer’s sources were unclear on whether this project was in fact Star Fox or a separate game.

Separately, Kotaku has reported something similar, but with an additional negative possibility. According to two of their sources, Retro was working on a second game alongside Star Fox. Development on the title was described as “rocky.” In fact, the team struggled so much that Kotaku believes that Nintendo may have cancelled the project altogether, although this is not yet confirmed.

Unfortunately, neither website was able to secure any details as to the nature of this game. Recent hiring ads suggest that Retro is working on (or has recently worked on) something with “non-linear storytelling.”

Sources: Game Informer, Kotaku

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