We know very few official details about Nintendo’s upcoming “NX” console, but rumors abound, and today we have another one. Insider “SuperMetalDave” (who has leaked information in the past, some accurate and some not), spoke with a game developer currently working on a PlayStation 4 game. The developer (who confirmed his credentials to SuperMetalDave but has to remain anonymous to the public) is working on a graphics-intensive PlayStation 4 game, and his company has some interest in bringing it to NX as well.

In attempting to acquire an NX dev kit, the company learned that Nintendo has issued dev kits to key partners (both second-party and third-party), but most developers have to wait, as Nintendo is carefully screening early dev kit applicants. Developers have been informed of a date when NX dev kits will be available to more than just a select few. Although this is largely speculation, the developer believes (based on the timing of the public developer date) that NX will be released this year. You can watch a video breakdown of this rumor by clicking above.

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