According to Destructoid, Beyond Good & Evil might receive a sequel for Nintendo’s NX next year, which will be funded by Nintendo itself and, as such, would be an NX-exclusive. Essentially this would be the same situation as was the case with Bayonetta 2, which was also funded by Nintendo.

Destructoid has multiple sources for this number, the first of which is Geno, who was responsible for recent NX rumors and uncovered a couple of new Pokémon forms and Microsoft’s IllumiRoom project before they were announced. He provided Alexander Maier, a writer for Dual Pixels, with a document detailing the Beyond Good & Evil sequel, who passed it on to Destructoid. Destructoid then approached a second, unnamed source, who gave similar information regarding a Beyond Good & Evil sequel independently from Geno. This means that this information could very well be true.

The leak indicates that the current working title of the game is Beyond Good & Evil: The Prejudices of Philosophers, which would be a reference to the text “Beyond Good and Evil” by philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche. In this text he talks about how morality is a lot more complicated than most people perceive, and seeing everything in the dichotomy of good and evil fails to adhere to this complexity.

Do you think this rumor could be true? Keeping Bayonetta 2 in mind, would you be excited for such a Nintendo-funded sequel? Let us hear your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: Destructoid

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