Game Informer’s Imran Khan has been quite vocal about some behind-the-scenes details of Nintendo in recent weeks, making claims about the rebooting of Metroid Prime 4, the status of Metroid Prime Trilogy for Switch, and the fate of Mother 3. Khan recently stopped by Kinda Funny Games for a chat, and while talking about the recent Nintendo Direct he dropped another Nintendo rumor.

According to the latest buzz Khan has heard, Nintendo is bringing back a game that was previously canceled. He stops short of giving many details, but he says as he digs deeper into his sources he’ll eventually publish a full article on the topic. The mystery game was, according to Khan, “Very much a title that was dead and buried. Very officially cancelled.”

So which scrapped game is Nintendo bringing back to life? It’s hard to say, and speculation has been running rampant. Nintendo Insider claims that the game in question is Scalebound from PlatinumGames, but frankly, this seems implausible. Former Platinum Producer Jean Pierre Kellams says this is highly unlikely and points to IP issues (Microsoft had the publishing rights last we knew) and the difficulty of taking a game that was in development for Xbox One and bringing it to Switch. Additionally, PlatinumGames is already working on Bayonetta 3, Babylon’s Fall, Astral Chain, and multiple mobile games. 

Source: Imran Khan

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