While there’s all kinds of speculation regarding the hardware of NX, Nintendo’s next console, very little is known about its planned software lineup. Only a few titles have been confirmed for the upcoming console, and a few more have been rumored by reputable sources. While we wait for any kind of concrete news from Nintendo, another software rumor has popped up, and this time it revolves around a new IP.

According to insider Emily Rogers, one of Nintendo’s teams in Japan is working on a new IP for NX. The upcoming game is described as ”
weird, fun, and crazy,” and she was told that “Nintendo doesn’t have another game like this.” Rogers further clarified that the game will be new and strange much in the same way that Splatoon was.

“It isn’t trying to be Nintendo’s next Wii Sports. It’s trying to be next Splatoon. Remember how weird Splatoon looked when you first saw it?”
— Emily Rogers

Rogers also commented more on MCV’s story about a new Mario game releasing during the NX launch window. According to Rogers, their report is accurate, and the new Mario title “feels like Mario, but feels a tiny bit different from 3D World or Galaxy.” As with all rumors, this is currently unconfirmed by Nintendo, and we advise you to take it with a healthy dose of skepticism.

Source: Emily Rogers

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