Now, before you Nintendo fans take a look at the title and squeal for joy (it’s okay, I wanted to as well), let me state emphatically that this is very much a rumor and should be treated as such. That said, according to multiple “trusted sources,” Nintendo is preparing to announce some big updates to the Virtual Console and the eShop in general.

According to Nintendo Enthusiast’s sources, Nintendo is preparing a massive overhaul of the eShop that could include some sort of subscription-based service. Additionally, multiple developers speaking ‘off the record’ to Nintendo Enthusiast suggested that Nintendo was planning to implement cross-buy between 3DS and Wii U on a wide scale. Squids Odyssey recently became Nintendo’s first cross-buy game, and there could be more to come soon.

Nintendo recently launched firmware update version 8.0 for 3DS which only listed “improved stability” as the cause for the upgrade, and 3DS and Wii U have both seen massive online maintenance this week. Emily Rodgers, who has scored the inside scoop on a few Nintendo announcements in the past, indicated that there’s more to the story than that.

According to The Game Bakers, the developers of Squids Odyssey, Nintendo is working to allow for cross-buy from Wii U to 3DS, instead of the already-achieved reverse process.

These announcements were reportedly originally planned for E3, but were delayed to a later time. Hopefully we’ll get some clarity on the matter soon via a Nintendo Direct. Until then, speculate away, Nintendo fans!

Source: Nintendo Enthusiast

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