During last year’s E3 Nintendo officially announced that a main series Pokémon game is coming to Nintendo Switch. There’s been little information since then, but rumors abound. Nintendo has indicated that Pokémon Switch’s launch window is “2018 and beyond,” but the latest rumors suggest it won’t be a long wait. If they prove to be true, we should be getting an announcement soon.

According to French
Pokémon website Pokégraph, Bandai is preparing to unveil a new lineup of Pokémon plushies and figurines that are linked to the upcoming Switch title. The new goodies are allegedly set to go on sale in France this July, but they could hit English-speaking countries earlier. Pokégraph claims these toys will be unveiled in May, which suggests that we’ll receive a major update on Pokémon for Switch before then. The website goes on to claim that the Pokémon will hit Switch sometime before Christmas, giving it a Holiday 2018 launch window.

This story picked up steam thanks to
Pixelpar, a Twitter user who keeps tabs on things like trademarks, job listings, and game ratings, and uses them to speculate about release schedules. Pixelpar retweeted the story, adding that Pokémon on Switch will launch in two versions (as is usually the case for main series entries), claiming “multiple sources.” I reached out for additional information, but Pixelpar was unable to provide any further information or any proof of their claims.

Additionally, webmaster Paul Ryan of
Pokéshopper has indicated on Twitter that he doesn’t believe the rumor. Ryan and Pokéshopper are well-connected when it comes to Pokémon merchandise, but they’ve yet to hear anything about a Bandai announcement in May. That said, he does expect a reveal “very soon.”

Pokémon could very well be headed to Nintendo Switch by the end of the year, but the evidence for this specific rumor isn’t particularly strong at this point. We’ll be keeping an eye on the situation to see if it evolves.

Source: Pokégraph (via ComicBook.com)

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