Pokémon X and Y Versions are some of the Nintendo 3DS’ most hotly-anticipated games this year, and bringing many big changes from the series’ past, we can tell Game Freak is looking to shake up the series in many exciting ways. According to a Twitter user under the name of @Hirobyte, Pokémon X and Y Versions will be introducing Pokéfans to an all-new type: Fairy.

If Hirobyte is to be believed, this marks the first time Pokémon has introduced a new type since Gold and Silver all the way back in 1999. According to Hirobyte, the newest Eeveelution will be a Fairy-type Pokémon, alongside the legendary X Version mascot, Xerneas. Hirobyte also claims that the Clefairy line and the Togepi line may be reclassified from their original typings to the new Fairy type.

This same Hirobyte leaked the entire Pokédex for Pokémon Black and White Versions and several pieces of fan art for then-unannounced Pokémon before the games’ official Japanese release, while working for the Spanish Official Nintendo Magazine. He does have that much going for his track record, but that does not mean this rumor should be blindly believed.

Beyond the obvious possibility that this is entirely made up, the rumors and speculation of a new “Fairy type” have been flying around all over the place. Excepting Xerneas’ potential typing, not one of Hirobyte’s claims are completely unseen, but this does mark the first time that someone with any sort of track record has validated the rumors in any way. Furthermore, it would explain why Sylveon’s official type has been kept under wraps for so long.

Keep in mind that this is only a rumor, and should be met with extreme skepticism. But if this is true, what do you think about the introduction of a Fairy type? Would you welcome it alongside X and Y‘s many other changes, or do you think there are enough types as it is?

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