Nearly two years since the announcement of Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem, and with little official word on its state of production, speculation has arisen amongst fans that the title may be cancelled. The most recent insider talk about the crossover was at E3 2014, when producer Hitoshi Yamagami stated that development was still on schedule. However, neither Atlus nor Nintendo presented it in any way at the expo, and thus far no actual footage of the game has been unveiled, despite it still being listed as a TBD title.

At least one 4chan user claims to have some behind-the-scenes details. As Nintendo Life reports:

  • Development was difficult because of differing viewpoints on how the project should be handled story-wise. Apparently the SMT team was possessive and difficult around the story, and the FE team was frustrated because it was being bossed around, which created tension and overall awkwardness.
  • The project was restarted 5 times, which lowered the team’s morale.
  • TBA at last E3 was only because Nintendo still had faith in the project.
  • Atlus was more optimistic, but the first point worried them.
  • The only version the developers put out wasn’t approved by Nintendo/Atlus due to lack of quality, which further decreased morale.
  • Both Atlus and Nintendo were frustrated with their respective teams upon cancellation. Expect some shuffling of employees due to “conflictive” behaviour.

The user also persists that the cancellation will be announced tomorrow (December 5) by IGN. Do you think all these claims could be legitimate? If not, could there still be a chance that the crossover has been cancelled? Perhaps the development could have been affected by the transition of Atlus to its ownership by SEGA. Sound off with your own input in the comments.

Now remember, 4chan isn’t always the most reliable source of information, so be sure not to put too much stock in this rumor. Luckily we’ll find out for sure tomorrow.

Source: Nintendo Life

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