Two days ago, we reported that musical group Crush 40 (known for their work on Sonic the Hedgehog games) alluded to the existence of a special Sonic anniversary game this year in celebration of the franchise lasting for 25 years. Since then, more details have allegedly surfaced thanks to a former SEGA quality assurance employee.

According to the rumor, SEGA is currently working on two big
Sonic games, and one of them is the oft-requested Sonic Adventure 3. The second game is said to be a 2D sidescroller called “Sonic Genesis: The Origin of Chaos” from some of the same team that made Sonic Colors and Sonic Lost Word. All of this is currently unconfirmed, and it should be taken with a grain of salt. That said, if you’re interested to see what could potentially be on the way from SEGA, click above to check out a video breakdown.

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