If you’ve been paying attention to news in the gaming world these past few weeks, you know that Crytek is in the middle of a major 
Crysis crisis. According to reports from both current and former Crytek employees, the studio is in severe financial trouble. A sequel to Xbox One exclusive Ryse: Son of Rome and an original game have been cancelled, the newest iteration of CryEngine is not being readily adopted by other companies, and the company’s sense of vision has vanished. Paychecks have stopped showing up in time, or at all, and around 100 employees have quit recently, while the entire staff of Crytek UK has stopped showing up for work until their payment is received.

The likelihood of Crytek declaring bankruptcy has grown exponentially over the last few days, and at this point it looks like the only way the company can avoid a total crash is with outside help. According to a rumor from an industry insider, Sony is considering buying Crytek.

According to a series of tweets by industry insider Tidux, two unrelated sources are privy to the knowledge that Sony is looking to expand their development team, and Crytek is being considered for purchase.

This should, of course, be taken with a grain of salt until we see anything official, but it is an interesting possibility. If Sony were to buy Crytek, they wouldn’t just gain its staff of around 500 people (well, perhaps only 300 now…), but also the rights to CryEngine. Given their state of financial emergency, it probably wouldn’t cost Sony too much to snag the struggling studio.

Source: Worlds Factory

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