According to an alleged Target employee, the retailer will not be receiving another allotment of Rosalina & Luma Amiibo figures.

A user claiming to be a Target employee has posted what appears to be an internal document for Target employees about wave 3 Amiibo to the forum CheapAssGamer. The document, which you can check out below, states that the Rosalina Amiibo “will not be replenished.”

The document also states that the Bowser and Toon Link Amiibo will be “replenished on an ongoing basis,” and that they will be a part of the standard Amiibo assortment in the future. It also states that the Mega Man, Sonic, Ike, and King Dedede (well, King “Deedle”) figures will only be sold online, not in-store.

This document could be legitimate, but there are also a few holes in this rumor; first, there’s no real evidence that the user in question is really a Target employee (he uses the document as evidence, but that doesn’t really prove anything). Also, there are a few typos or mistakes on the document; in addition to the above King “Deedle” typo, the document also states that the Rosalina Amiibo should be placed on store shelves before the store opens on April 1st (this should be February 1st). However, these could simply be minor mistakes on a document that was never meant to be shown to the public.

What do you guys think? Will Rosalina be gracing Target store shelves again in the future? You can decide for yourself by taking a look at the document in question below.

Source: CheapAssGamer

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