Nintendo officially unveiled Nintendo Switch back in April, but a more full reveal is coming on January 12th when Nintendo is set to hold a special presentation. Nintendo has remained silent on Switch news since the initial reveal, and they plan to continue that silence until January 12th. In the meantime, lots of reports and rumors have surfaced.

Laura Kate Dale of Let’s Play Video Games has been especially active (and accurate) in leaking Switch news, and she recently held an AMA session on Reddit where she hinted at what we could see at Nintendo’s next presentation. Many of her answers are things she’s reported on in the past, but there are also some interesting new tidbits.

Dale expects the presentation to last somewhere from 30 to 60 minutes, and she describes it as “info heavy” and similar to a Nintendo Direct. Some of the new info expected includes further details about the hardware and “UI system level info.”

Moving on to games, Dale “fully expects” that a new 3D Mario title will be shown at the event, that its name will be revealed, and that it will be playable at the hands-on Nintendo Switch events that follow the presentation. It is believed to be a launch title. The next Beyond Good and Evil game (which Dale has previously stated will be a Nintendo Switch exclusive) is said to have a CGI teaser trailer in the works, but it won’t likely be ready in time for the January 12th event. Dale believes there will be at least two third-party exclusives shown off at the event (including the Mario & Rabbids crossover RPG which she previously reported on), and a third is possible. She also claims we’ll see a new and unexpected IP, although it’s not clear if that refers to first-party or third-party.

As usual, this information is not confirmed by Nintendo at this time. Dale has sources at Nintendo and Ubisoft who have accurately leaked details such as when the Switch reveal would take place, the content of the reveal, Switch’s use of cartridges, the look of the portable device, and more. However, the information featured in this post was largely not presented as a confirmed report from her trusted sources. Some of the info she shared on Reddit was uncertain or personal opinion. As always, we advise you to take rumors with a grain of salt.

Source: Reddit

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