Laura Kate Dale of Let’s Play Video Games has been extremely active in leaking Nintendo Switch details over the past few months. She recently opted to take a break from issuing Switch-related reports until the company’s next big Nintendo Switch presentation, but in the meantime she stopped by Reddit for an AMA session.

Dale fielded
questions about the presentation itself, and she also took some time to answer some more general questions about Switch, including details on its hardware, its Virtual Console lineup, and more.

According to Dale, the planned day one Virtual Console lineup for Nintendo Switch will be “disappointing” in terms of volume. Additionally, like this generation, Nintendo will charge an upgrade fee for games you already own via a previous Virtual Console. Dale has heard conflicting reports regarding the timetable for the reported launch of GameCube games on Switch Virtual Console, but the last rumor she heard indicated that we’ll see them around three months after launch.

In terms of hardware and performance, Dale states that one Nintendo Switch dev kit was sent out in July and another in October. The October version of the dev kit went out to fewer developers (mostly large companies), so much of the hardware info that has leaked has been from the earlier model. The October dev kit is said to be more powerful than the one sent out in July. Even when being used as a portable unit (which reportedly
underclocks the system) it is said to be more powerful than Wii U.

Moving on to controllers, Dale expects there to be limited edition and/or custom Joy-Cons in time, but this seems to be speculation or assumption on her part rather than something indicated by a source. Joy-Cons are said to have a battery life of around five hours, but they can be charged by the Joy-Con Grip. She also expects the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller to have “at least basic motion support like gyro.”

Dale also briefly touched on two other subjects. In regards to the possibility of an Achievement system, she has heard that one will exist, but it may just be an extension of the My Nintendo system that’s already in place. Finally, she also stated that she’s heard the next Monolith Soft game will have a similar combat style to the
Xenoblade games, even though it’s not part of the series.

As usual, this information is not confirmed by Nintendo at this time. Dale has sources at Nintendo and Ubisoft who have accurately leaked details such as
when the Switch reveal would take place, the content of the reveal, Switch’s use of cartridges, the look of the portable device, and more. However, the information featured in this post was largely not presented as a confirmed report from her trusted sources. Some of the info she shared on Reddit was uncertain or personal opinion. As always, we advise you to take rumors with a grain of salt.

Source: Reddit

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