Nintendo and Universal are teaming up for at least three theme parks, starting with the Super Nintendo World location in Japan that is set to open in 2020. We’ve heard reports of other planned attractions, including a sizable Zelda area at Universal’s Islands of Adventure and a Pokémon area at Universal Orlando. These attractions were never formally confirmed by Universal, and now they might not be coming at all.

According to Theme Park University, the same source that broke the news of the Zelda attraction, Universal is shelving some of their Nintendo plans, at least for now. The planned attractions would have given Nintendo a presence at Universal that rivaled Harry Potter, and now Comcast is reportedly getting cold feet about making that big of an investment before Nintendo attractions have proven their worth.

It’s possible that the commercial failure of Fast & Furious Supercharged impacted this decision. Universal could still return to these plans down the road, but Theme Park University believes we won’t see them open any time within the next four years.

Source: Theme Park University

Ben Lamoreux


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