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Runbow’s Shantae DLC and Wii U Retail Version Launch on October 25th


Back in August of last year, indie developer 13AM Games launched their first title,
Runbow, on the Wii U, receiving solid reviews and getting a fairly well-sized fanbase due to the game’s simple but addicting color-based twist on the platforming genre. Another aspect that grabbed a lot of gamers’ attention is the title’s host of playable guest stars from other indie games, including Shovel Knight, Gunvolt, Freedom Planet‘s Lilac, and many, many more. Back at E3 2016, 13AM revealed that Wayforward’s Shantae would also be joining in on the fun, and now we finally have a release date for her free DLC: October 25th.

This date will also mark the release of the promised physical version of the Wii U title, which will release for $29.99. Shantae will already be available on this retail version, and it will also come with the rest of the game’s DLC and the title’s soundtrack. In addition, 13AM Games gave an update about the 3DS version of the title, Runbow Pocket, which they’ve confirmed will be releasing in both physical and digital formats on the same day in “Q1 2017” (the specific date wasn’t listed, but let’s hope it’s early in the year).

Are you a fan of Runbow? Will you be grabbing the physical release, or are you looking forward to playing as Shantae with the version you already own? Or perhaps you’re holding out for Runbow Pocket next year? Let us know in the comments!

Source: 13AM Games

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