Back in October, Rooster Teeth Productions announced that RWBY: Grimm Eclipse (a game based off the company’s anime-styled web series RWBY) would be coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One sometime this Winter. We haven’t heard an update since then, but the co-op hack and slash adventure was briefly made available for digital download on the European PlayStation Store yesterday.

This release was an error (and it was also an earlier, incomplete build of the game), and Sony is offering refunds to anyone who purchased it. Following the accidental early release, Michael Hadwin (Director of Game Development at Rooster Teeth) shared an update on the console version of the game via a blog post.

While the development team is not yet ready to give an official release date, the game is “weeks” away from being ready for its console release. Grimm Eclipse is now planned to launch on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One sometime “early” next year after previously being announced as a 2016 title. Hopefully we’ll have a final release date soon.

Source: Rooster Teeth Productions

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