Source Gaming has been working away at translating Masahiro Sakurai’s book Think About Making the Video Games. In this book, Sakurai discusses Bayonetta and describes it as a very important game in gaming history. He states that God of War had a big impact on Bayonetta and other action games around that time, but Platinum Games’ IP stood out the most.

Sakurai thinks that Bayonetta‘s eccentric cutscenes and Platinum’s hard work were what really made the game. He felt that it was a game that “you could show off to the whole world with pride,” and there will be plenty of games in the future that will try to mimic it. The complexity of Bayonetta means that players will want to play it over and over, so they can approach it differently each time.

Do you agree with Sakurai? Is Bayonetta one of history’s greatest games? Let us know in the comments below!

You can check out the rest of the translation here.

Source: Source Gaming

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