One of Nintendo’s biggest franchises is returning this December.
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate uses the previous Smash game as a starting point and builds off of its systems, but the new game has been redesigned with tens of thousands of changes. One such change we picked up on during our time with the game at E3 is that the action is faster than on Wii U.

In his latest column in the popular Japanese publication Famitsu, Sakurai explained exactly what sort of changes he made to increase the pace and why he chose not to change things up too much.

“I still increased the overall speed of the game, but only by an amount that wouldn’t be alienating to people unfamiliar with Smash. After all, we haven’t seen a huge influx of brand-new gamers like we did when the Wii was released, and the on-screen movement is much easier to follow on the Switch than it is on the Nintendo 3DS.

“For example, the knockback speed has been increased. Even when launched a short distance, a character will fly off very quickly then suddenly slow down. Reducing the time while incapacitated has helped improve the flow of gameplay. I wanted to include this change in previous entries, but I gave up because it was so easy to lose track of your position, especially on the 3DS. I’ve also increased fighters’ initial jump speed, reduced aerial landing lag, and made a slew of other changes that will accelerate gameplay without making the game itself too ‘hardcore.'”
— Masahiro Sakurai

Smash Bros. reached its peak speed in Melee, before sharply declining for Brawl. We saw a slight increase from Brawl to the 3DS and Wii U versions, and Ultimate will speed things up once again. All of these small changes should make for a more fast-paced and exciting experience.

That said, Sakurai is being careful not to change things too drastically or set the barrier for entry too high. Based on our time with the game, the changes were significant enough for us to notice them but subtle enough not to change the core gameplay beyond familiarity.

Source: Source Gaming

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