Many gamers are familiar with how dedicated Smash Bros.-creator Masahiro Sakurai is to the games he creates, to the point that he even injured his wrists during development of Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS from working so hard. Thankfully, he’s taking things a bit easier this time around, and a new interview between Game Informer and Bill Trinen indicates that those old injuries have been taken care of.

Game Informer: How is long-time Smash director Masahiro Sakurai’s health? In the past we’ve heard that he had issues with his wrists during development.

Trinen: He’s totally fine. I think he had wrist issues during the development of the Wii U game. He’s fine now. My understanding is he got over it, did some rehabilitation on it, and is in good shape.

Many of us were a bit concerned that Sakurai might be pushing himself too hard yet again, but it sounds like things have turned around considerably for the developer since the days of the Wii U title. I for one am very happy to hear that he’s doing better, and I hope he stays that way as he and his team prepare to launch
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate this December.

Source: Game Informer (via GoNintendo)

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