Today’s Smash Bros. Direct was a big one for characters; fans can now eagerly await the chance to play as Sheik, Zero Suit Samus, Yoshi, Charizard, and Greninja. However, there may have been even more characters hidden in today’s Direct.

Before we begin, know this: Sakurai is a master troll. He knows what the fans want; why do you think Greninja looked so much like Mewtwo to begin with in the trailer? Thus, his inclusion of a
Ridley teaser and an announcement for a Pseudo-Palutena trophy have led many to believe that these characters could make their way into Smash 4, with Palutena being more likely. The Palutena trophy fake-out was quite obvious, plus it was confirmed that Palutena will not be involved in Pit’s final smash, which frees her up to be her own character. While unconfirmed, the Ridley teaser was given in the context that he could be a stage boss similar to to the Yellow Devil in the Mega Man stage; however, Sakurai could still have a tricks up his sleeves.

While we’re on the topic of potential new characters, let’s talk about King K. Rool. Today’s footage showed that his Kremlings are making an appearance in the Smash Run game mode; could this make K. Rool more likely as a playable character? It still seems unlikely to me, but it could happen.

What do you think? Will Ridley, Palutena, and/or K. Rool make it into
Smash 4 as playable characters?

Source: Nintendo Direct

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