Nintendo revealed a new Metroid game at E3 2015, but it wasn’t quite what fans were expecting. Metroid Prime: Federation Force is a four-player co-op 3DS game that puts players in control of Federation soldiers in the Metroid universe. Many fans were upset that Samus wasn’t in the initial footage, but Nintendo promised she would appear in the game at some point.

Ahead of its release next month (or two months from now for European and Australian gamers), Nintendo has released a new “Mission Briefing” video on YouTube, showing off two of the game’s missions and digging into the story and features. The video also gives us some more insight into Samus’ role in the game, which some might consider spoilers.

You’ll be battling against Space Pirates in
Federation Force, and during the course of the game, you’ll uncover their plot to create the ultimate weapon. As the battle between the two sides escalates, Samus is called in to support the team by gathering intel on the enemy and their weapon. You can check out the video by clicking above.

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