Hello Games launched No Man’s Sky to highly critical reviews back in August, as much of the game’s advertised content was absent at launch. Despite constant fan backlash and even an investigation by the UK’s Advertising Standards Authority, director Sean Murray (along with the rest of the studio) remained almost entirely silent for months.

Now that the long silence has been broken, Murray has taken to Twitter to try to explain why he has been so unresponsive these past few months. According to Murray, Hello Games opted not to respond to any of the questions from fans because they “didn’t want to talk about anything in it until it was 100% certain.” After failing to deliver on advertising promises at launch, Hello Games apparently decided it would be best not to answer any fan questions at all until they had something ready to release.

Their first step towards rectifying the game’s controversial launch is the Foundation Update, which is available now. Murray pledges that Hello Games is “getting better as quickly as we can for the players who invested in us.” Is it enough to make up for the botched launch and earn back some fan trust? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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